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50% El Salvador

50% Guatemala

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Region: El Salvador, Santa Ana / Guatemala, Antigua 

Producer: Eduardo Alvarez / Antigua Estate

Variety: Red Bourbon / Caturra 

Processing: Washed / Washed 

El Borbollon has been a mainstay in the East Blend for seven years. Over this time we have seen the quality thrive, owing to Eduardo and his team’s expertise and dedication to speciality coffee. This is Borbollon lot 5, and the fourth out of five lots we purchased this year. It brings the blend the majority of its citrus acidity whilst also providing lots of sweet caramel flavours. 

Finca Medina is a new partner we are working with for the first time this year. We were particularly impressed by their dedication to conservation of the eco system, the farm has set aside 10 hectares of land – with 14,500 native trees. Medina provides the heavy body and dense, rich chocolate flavours, creating a balanced flavour profile but also a delicious milk drink.