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Region -           Central Valley, Costa Rica
Producers -      Alberto & Diego Guardia
Altitude -          1300 masl
Processing -    Natural
Varietal -           Venecia
Roast Style -    Filter

 The Venecia coffee variety is native to Costa Rica, a natural mutation of Bourbon. Its a dwarf plant with high quality potential but susceptibility to disease.

We find flavours of blood orange and grilled pineapple, complete with a heavy body. There’s also a slight boozy character coming from the extended fermentation.

This particular lot has been naturally processed in a very unique way. Firstly the cherries are dried on beds for a week, this is done in the garden rather than the patios, here it’s a little cooler leading to slower fermentation. The cherries are then moved into sealed barrels, this is sometimes referred to as Anaerobic fermentation. Finally the cherries are finished in dryers slowly till they reach 10% moisture.