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Region -           Santa Ana, El Salvador
Producers -      Eduardo Alvarez
Altitude -         1450 - 1600 masl
Processing -     Washed + Dry Fermentation
Varietal -          SL-28
Roast Style -    Filter 

This particular lot comprises of the SL-28 variety. This being one of the most sought after varieties in coffee and originally hailing from Kenya.

If you like very fruity, clean coffees this is for you. Expect stone fruit flavours predominately, we get peach and apricots. But also sweet caramelised nutty flavours in the aftertaste more usually associated with El Salvador coffees. 

La Reforma is located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano. Unlike many estates in El Salvador, El Borbollon has its own wet mill and drying mill which means they are able to control the quality of their coffee from harvest to export. This is quite unique in El Salvador; most farms currently rely on external wet and dry mills to get their coffee processed. As a result, the Alvarez family is able to separate and process its coffees by variety and picking day, and is able to more closely monitor quality control and influence the quality of the end product.

The El Borbollon mill is managed by Eduardo Alvarez, whose father (also called Eduardo) bequeathed to him a passion for growing coffee and inspired him to always strive for the best possible quality. Under Eduardo’s direction, the mill has increasingly accessed specialty markets and has provided key technical assistance and guidance to the farms with which they work. This hard work and advocacy has enabled many of these farms to be placed in the Cup of Excellence competition. Of the 15 high altitude farms with which El Borbollon works, 10 have won places in the Cup of Excellence competition. 4 of these, including La Reforma, have have the CoE Presidential award for achieving scores in excess of 90 points.