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Region -           Divinolandia
Producer -        Jose Moacir Avila
Altitude -         1250m
Processing -     Natural
Varietal -          Catuai, Bourbon, Mundo Novo 

Roast Style:    Espresso

Jose and his family aim to produce the highest quality possible to allow him to receive a best possible price for his family.  With the help of his son they have been learning and applying techniques to reach the best potential of their land and coffee. Next year they plan to improve quality by: smaller lots, extra lot separation and soil improvement.

Sao Francisco was imported by Coffee Cargo. They would like to support many more high potential producers like Jose to reach new heights by promoting their coffee to specialty roasters like ourselves in Europe.  We need to encourage more producers like this in order to increase the production of specialty coffee in the process we can spread the benefits to as many smaller producers as possible.