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Region -           San Lorenzo El Cubo, Antigua
Producer -        Medina Estate
Altitude -         1200-1800 masl
Processing -     Fully washed
Varietal -          Bourbon & Caturra 

Roast Style:    Espresso

Founded more than 150 years ago, the family owned Finca Medina is located on the outskirts of Antigua, one of the oldest coffee regions in Guatemala. They are dedicated to advanced coffee production and milling techniques, whilst still respecting the traditional farming methods of the area. Recently installing a drip irrigation system and building a state of the art laboratory. It is here all the necessary quality controls are carried out for every single lot produced. Preservation of the ecosystem and the proper maintenance of the shade trees are of utmost importance to the estate. The farm has set aside 10 hectares of land – with 14,500 native trees – so that the biodiversity of flora and fauna can prosper and thrive unhindered. All of Finca Medina coffee trees are shaded by “Gravilea” and “Inga” trees, with roughly 322 high canopy shade trees per acre. This environment provides the perfect conditions for producing high quality crops.plete the beans were dried on raised beds in the shade for 9 days so the beans reached moisture content of 12%.

This lot is 100% red bourbon, bourbon being the oldest known mutation of typica. The name derives from the island where the variety was discovered, now known as Reunion Island. Bourbon is known for its sweet cup quality and crisp acidity. This coffee particularly showing red fruit and apple sweetness with a rich dark chocolate finish.