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Region -         Jinotega
Producer -       Máximo Rodriguez
Altitude -          1200m
Processing -   Washed & Wet Fermemted
Varietals -         Java

Máximo inherited this 20 hectare farm in northwest Nicaragua from his father, it was producing grain, cattle and commodity coffee. Máximo saw the potential in specialty coffee, he began to focus on improving the farm’s processing methods and make investments to its infrastructure. Producing specialty coffee is now the principal activity on the farm, with this Java lot being the pick of the bunch.

The Java variety was originally discovered In 1928 by P. J. S. Cramer, the famous Dutch botanist, he brought a selection of  Arabica varieties from Ethiopia to Java Island. Later the descendants of those varieties were taken to Cameroon and eventually ended up in Nicaragua.

We selected this lot for its Orange, Macadamia and Grape flavours, it reminds us a classic Ethiopian coffee with lower acidity whilst also having the classic heavy body of traditional Nicaraguan coffee.

Finca La Venus is part of the Central American branch of Caravela’s PECA program. Each month agronomists visit a selection of farms and teach growers how to increase their farm’s productivity and efficiency by reducing costs of production and increasing yields. They also encourage coffee growers to adopt more sustainable practices on their farms, such as planting shade trees, protecting and avoiding contamination of water sources, reducing the use of agro-chemicals and applying occupational health safety.