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Region -           Jinotega
Producer -        Máximo Odón Blandón Rodriguez
Altitude -         1200m
Processing -     Washed
Varietal -          Java

Máximo inherited this 20 hectare farm in northwest Nicaragua from his father, at which time it was producing grain, cattle and some poor quality coffee. Máximo saw the potential in specialty coffee and began to focus on improving the farm’s processing methods and making investments to its infrastructure. Producing specialty coffee is now the principal activity on the farm.

La Venus is part of our importer, Caravela’s PECA program. Each month agronomists visit aselection of farms and teach growers how to increase their farm’s productivity and efficiency by reducing costs of production and increasing yields. They also encourage coffee growers to adopt more sustainable practices on their farms, such as planting shade trees, protecting and avoiding contamination of water sources, and reducing the use of agro-chemicals.

We find La Venus to possess many of the qualities of a classic Ethiopian coffee. This is in part due to the Java variety, originally hailing from Ethiopia, but they have also adopted many of the processing techniques seen in Africa such as raised beds and extended wet fermentation.