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Region -           Kirinyaga
Producers -      Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society
Altitude -         1650
Processing -     Fully washed
Varietal -          SL28 - SL34
Roast Style -    Filter

The Karimikui Coffee Factory was establisted in 1966 and is situated in the foothills of Mount Kenya in Kirinyaga County. Coffee plants naturally find extremely fertile soils here. The soils are young and volcanic and very rich in organic matter.

Coffees at Karimikui are processed with a double fermentation; this process strengthens the proteins and amino acids in the bean, which, in turn, heightens the complexity of the acidity, and the clarity in the cup.

Grades within the Kenya system are simply a measure of bean size, typically the best lots are either AA, AB  or PB. AAs are usually considered superior and command the highest prices.

We find Kenyan coffees to be among the best in the world. Karimikui is no excpetion. Expect a super syrupy body, lots of blackcurrant, apple, cherry and watermelon flavours.