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Region -           Muranga
Producers -      Weithaga farmers Co-operative Society
Altitude -         1700 masl
Processing -     Fully washed
Varietal -          SL28, SL32, Ruiri 11, Baitan
Roast Style -    Filter

Our final Kenyan coffee of the season!

Kangurumai wet mill is part of Weithaga Farmers’ Co-operative Society, one of a few washing stations or “factories” that form the co-op group based in Murang'a county

This coffee is wet processed, where the cherries are firstly pulped and then fermented in water for 12 - 48 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Once washed, the coffee beans are thrown and spread out on raised African beds for 2 or 3 weeks until the moisture content is reduced to around 10 - 12%. It is then rested in parchment for three weeks 

We're getting classic Kenyan flavours of blackcurrant and citrus acidity. This is complimented by a sweet, lingering brown sugar aftertaste