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Need a last minute gift for someone? Something to warm your bones? Something to wake you up on these cold, dark mornings?

Nude has the answer. 

We've spent weeks trial roasting and tasting all different sorts of coffee from all over the world, trying to find the perfect coffee to encapsulate Christmas, and we've nailed it. 

Flecked with bold citric notes, sweet florals and bursting with Christmas spices, 'Egu Abaye' from Guji in Ethiopia is like Christmas in a cup. 

Egu Abaye
Region:         Guji, Ethiopia
Processing:   Fully Washed
Varietal:        Heirloom

Egu Abaye is a district situated in the Guji Region of Ethiopia. This particular coffee is from a private washing station owned by Israel Defga. This consists of some 1976 smallholder farmers delivering tiny amounts of coffee cherries daily. 

Heirloom refers to the mix of native typica hybrid varieties - such as certo and wolisho. These were originally wild growing forest plants that have been transferred to family smallholder plots. Most coffee in this area is still grown in the traditional way, with organic methods preferred.

Israel is very meticulous with how the green coffee parchment is processed. It starts with a 48 hour underwater fermentation. This is followed by hand sorting and slow shade drying on raised beds. These steps encourage more complex acidity, higher sweetness and on overall cleaner coffee.