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Serra Negra

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Region:         Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais
Producer:      Wenefredi & Pedro Rossi
Altitude:        1150 masl
Processing:   Natural, sun-dried on patios
Varietal:        Red Catuai
Lot:                 312
Roast style:   Espresso    

Wenefrida and Pedro Rossi have been producing coffee at Fazenda Serra Negra since 1985. Located in one of the major coffee producing regions of Brazil, it is a naturally blessed farm sitting on roughly 100 hectares. The Rossi family embraces new technology and sustainability principles in their farming practice, working to maintain a balance between environmental preservation and producing high quality coffee. This lot comes to us direct from De Luca Vian, a small business which specialises in importing high grade lots from small farms.

As with almost 80% of coffees from Brazil this lot has been naturally processed, where the cherry is left on the seed during processing. This allows the coffee to retain the fruity sweetness of the cherry and in this case is responsbile for it’s strawberry-like characteristics. This coffee is full-bodied, chocolatey and nutty with a hint of florals, making it work equally as well with milk and as an espresso.