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La Venus

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Region:         Jinotega, Nicaragua
Máximo Odón Blandón Rodriguez
Altitude:       1,200 masl
Processing:   Fully washed and naturally fermented for 12 hours
Varietal:        Java

Roast Style:  Espresso and Filter

Máximo inherited this 20 hectare farm in northwest Nicaragua from his father when it was producing grain, cattle and some poor quality coffee. Máximo saw the potential in specialty coffee and began to focus on improving the farm’s processing methods and making investments to its infrastructure. Producing specialty coffee is now the principal activity on the farm.

The Java varietal is a new one for us, common to Indonesia but descending from the Ethiopian longberry and Gesha varietals, which is evident in it's narrow, pointed shape and floral flavour profile. The story of how this varietal come to be in Nicaragua has been speculated by many, with one story describing a coffee research laboratory working with a selection of cultivars including traditional African varietals. During political instability in Nicaragua the laboratory was shut down and a 20 pound sack of coffee seeds simply labelled coffee "Variedad Java" was dropped at a farmers door. We don't know how much of this story remains true, but we're glad to see such interesting farming happening in this part of the world, and thankful to Caravela for getting these beans from Maximo's farm to us. For more information on the Java varietal, look up the World of Coffee's research here

Were currently roasting our La Venus lot for both espresso and filter, but you can expect flavours of candied lime, florals and ginger in both!