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Region:           Huila, Pitalito
Producer:        Alirio Munoz
Altitude:          1650 masl
Processing:     Fully Washed
Varietal:          Caturra
Roast Style:    Filter

This is our third coffee from Huila this year imported via our friends at Nordic Approach. This coffee comes from Alirio Munoz’ farm Finca el Divisio, and displays a great solid structure, with defined sweetness and good body. Sporadic rainfall in this region means farmers often struggle with the drying process. Many use parabolic dryers to overcome this, however equipment like this is often expensive and inaccessbile to a lot of producers. By paying premium prices for green coffee, as Nordic Approach do, farmers like Alirio Munoz are able to build these dryers to increase ventilation for slower drying, ultimately improving the quality and longevity of the coffee.

Caturra is an Arabica cultivar discovered as a natural mutation of Bourbon. Its a dwarf varietal and is hugely popular in Colombia due to its productivity and desirable flavour but has recently become susceptible to leaf rust. Colombia Variedad however was developed as a disease resitant variety.