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Region:          Bulega, Nensebo
Producer:       Israel Degfa
Altitude:         2050 masl
Processing:    Fully Washed, shade-dried
Varietal:         Heirloom
Roast Style:   Filter

This privately owned communal wetmill in Bulega, Nensebo collects and buys cherries from various local smallholder farms, with most farms less than 1 hectare in size. Israel dedicates a lot of time and effort to increasing quality and production processes on his washing stations, as well as supporting local social projects such as funding local orphanages. Bulega produce both washed and natural coffee, this particular lot being washed and Grade 1 which is the highest grade for an Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopian Heirloom is a wildflower variety, descending from the natural coffee forests of southwestern Ethiopia. Each village has its own variety, handed down over centuries and shaped by the soil, elevation and weather. This coupled with Dhiilgee’s extremely high elevation of 2050 masl has produced an extremely bright, juciy and floral coffee.