Apollo 11

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Region:         Jinotega, Nicaragua
Producer:     John Mark LaRue Palacios
Altitude:       1100 masl
Processing:   Fully washed and naturally fermented for 12 hours
Varietal:        Caturra

Roast Style:  Filter

Continuing with the strong coffee culture that characterises the well-known LaRue family, John Mark has owned his own coffee farm for more than ten years. John Mark and his team have worked hard to improve quality over the years to consistently produce exceptional coffee. A committed environmentalist, he is always on the look-out for innovative farming and waste management methods to reduce their impact on the local environment, with the farm now becoming Rainforest Alliance certified.

Apollo 11 forms part of Caravela's PECA program, whereby agronomists visit each month teaching growers how to increase their farm’s productivity and efficiency through reducing costs of production and increasing yields. This includes fertilisation based on soil analysis and encouraging coffee growers to adopt more sustainable practices on their farms.

Normally we aren't blown away by coffees grown at this modest altitude in Nicaragua, however the careful farming and exceptional processing at Apollo 11 has led to a really bright, complex and sweet cup. Fermented for 12 hours and slowly shade dried on raised African beds, this coffee has a denser cell structure, resulting in a juicy blackberry sweetness, crisp apple acidity and chocolate finish, comparable to some of the best Kenyan coffees around.