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Region:          Espindola, Loja
Producers:    10 smallholder farms
Altitude:        1500-1750 masl
Processing:   Fully washed, shade-dried
Varietal:        Typica, Caturra
Roast style:   Espresso

Loja is not only known for its great natural beauty, musical and cultural heritage, it also grows some of Ecuador’s best coffee and is responsible for about 20% of the Arabica they export. This lot is the collaborative work of 10 smallholders from Amaluza, who each wash, ferment, and sun-dry their parchment at their individual farms before consolidating at the dry mill. The Ecuadorian coffee industry has great potential and is slowly becoming more attuned to the specialty market.

One of the oldest of all coffee varieties, Typica has been grown, hybridised and perfected for centuries. Cup quality is generally excellent, demonstrating outstanding sweetness, cleanliness and body; this varietal is responsible for the subtle notes of sweet jasmine in the Amaluza. Caturra on the other hand is distinguished by its bright acidity and low to medium body, and the combination of the two has resulted in a sweet and satisfying cup.